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Umrat al-Tamattu'

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ʿUmrat al-Tamattu' (Arabic: عمرة التمتع) is a kind of 'umra. The other type of 'umra is al-'Umra al-Mufrada. 'Umrat al-tamatu' is a part of hajj al-tamattu', i.e. hajj al-tamattu' consists of two acts: 'umrat al-tamattu' and hajj al-tamattu'. 'Umrat al-tamattu' is very similar to al-'umra al-mufrada, although there are some differences.


'Umrat al-tamattu' consists of five compulsory rituals, that must be done in this sequence:

  1. Ihram: in one of the five Miqats.
  2. Tawaf
  3. Salat al-Tawaf (2 rak'as)
  4. Sa'y between Safa and Marwa.
  5. Taqsir (cutting some hair or nails). In 'umrat al-tamattu' halq (shaving the head) is not permissible.

There is no tawaf al-nisa and salat of tawaf al-nisa' is 'umrat al-tamattu'.


As 'umrat al-tamatu' is a part of hajj al-tamatu', it can only be done in certain lunar months, namely Dhu l-Qa'da and Dhu al-Hijja.

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  • The material for this article is mainly taken from عمره تمتع in Farsi WikiShi.