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[[Category:Written sources of the 17th century]]
[[Category:Written sources of the 17th century]]
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Ghayat al-maram wa hujjat al-khisam (book)
Author Hashim b. Sulayman al-Bahrani
Original title
غایَةُ الْمَرام وَ حُجَّةُ الْخِصام فی تَعْیینِ الْإمام مِنْ طَریقِ الْخاصّ وَ الْْعام
Language Arabic
Series 7 vols.
Genre Theology
Published 1422/2001
Publisher Mu'assisa al-tarikh al-'arabi

Ghāyat al-marām wa ḥujjat al-khiṣām fī taʿyīn al-imām min ṭarīq al-khāṣṣ wa l-ʿāmm (Arabic: غایَةُ الْمَرام وَ حُجَّةُ الْخِصام فی تَعْیینِ الْإمام مِنْ طَریقِ الْخاصّ وَ الْْعام) is a theological book in Arabic written by Hashim b. Sulayman al-Bahrani, a Shiite scholar of the eleventh/seventeenth century. The book is a collection of Shiite and Sunni hadiths concerning the virtues of Imam 'Ali (a) and other Shiite Imams (a).


Al-Sayyid Hashim al-Tubili al-Bahrani (b. ~1050/1640 - d.1107/1696 or 1109/1698) known as al-'Allama al-Bahrani is from Bahrain and is one of Shi'a jurists, hadith scholars and exegetes in eleventh/seventeenth century. He had the religious and social authority of Bahrain people. The exegetic book of Al-Burhan fi tafsir al-Qur'an belongs to him. Al-Hurr al-'Amili, the writer of the Wasa'il al-Shi'a is one of his students. He passed away in 1107/1696 in Tubli and buried in Matini cemetery.


The book has an introduction, two destinations (maqsad) and an epilogue.

  • The first destination includes sixty seven sections concerning proofs for the imamate of 'Ali b. Abi Talib (a) and his offspring. This section was finished in 1100.
  • The second section includes 246 sections concerning the virtues and attributes of the Imams (a), which was finished in 1102.

In each section, al-Bahrani cites hadiths from both sections (Shi'as and Sunnis) as evidence for his claims.

In the end, the author cites two essays by Abu 'Uthman b. 'Umar al-Jahiz stating the superiority of Imam 'Ali (a) over other caliphs.

Sources of the Book

Here are some books by Sunni authors cited by al-Bahrani:

Manuscripts and Publication

  • The book has been published in Beirut as edited by Sayyid 'Ali 'Ashur by Mu'assisat al-Tarikh al-'Arabi (Institute for Arabic History) in 1422.