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Hajj al-Qiran

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Hajj al-Qirān (Arabic: حج القران) is one of the three kinds of hajj, and like hajj al-Ifrad, is obligatory for those whose residence is either Mecca or somewhere near it. A condition of this hajj is that the pilgrim should have the sacrifice (al-hady) with himself upon wearing Ihram. According to the fatwa of the majority of marja's (religious authorities), making sacrifice is not necessary in this hajj unless either ish'ar (putting a mark on the animal for sacrifice) or "taqlid" (hanging shoes or carry bag on the neck of the sacrifice) is made.

Three Kinds of Hajj

There are three kinds of hajj: al-tamattu', al-ifrad and al-qiran. The word Qiran in Arabic means The cause of naming hajj al-qiran is bringing the sacrifice upon wearing Ihram.

The same as hajj al-ifrad, hajj al-qiran is obligatory for the residents of Mecca and those whose place of residence is less than 48 mils (about 86 km) away from Mecca. Some scholars in fiqh have considered this distance to be 12 mils (about 21.5 km).

In the recommended hajj, the pilgrim is free to choose either of different kinds of hajj.

Similarity with Hajj Ifrad

According to the opinion of the majority of scholars in fiqh, steps of this hajj are not different with hajj al-Ifrad except for the condition that the pilgrim needs to have the sacrifice with himself. (Hady)


The requirement of hajj al-qiran is carrying the sacrifice upon wearing Ihram. However, according to the opinion of the majority of scholars in fiqh, it is recommended that this pilgrim sacrifices in Mina unless he has either made ish'ar (marking the camel for sacrifice) or taqlid (hanging shoes or a sign on the neck of the sacrifice), when making sacrifice would become obligatory and the pilgrim cannot replace that animal with another.

Wearing Ihram in Hajj Qiran

According to the opinion of a majority of scholars in fiqh, a pilgrim making hajj al-qiran is free to wear Ihram together with any of the works below:

  • Talbiya
  • Ish'ar (marking the camel for sacrifice)
  • Taqlid (hanging shoes or a sign on the neck of the sacrifice)

In case of choosing Talbiya, doing ish'ar or taqlid is recommended; while, talbiya is recommended if the pilgrim wears ihram with ish'ar or taqlid.


  • The material for this article is mainly taken from حج قران in Farsi WikiShia.