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Kufa is located in the south of Iraq, 10 Kilometers northeast of Najaf and it is the second city built by Muslims. It was chosen as the capital by Imam 'Ali (a) in 36/656-57, and he was martyred there. Most of Shi'a Muslims were from Kufa in the 1st/7th century. The Great Mosque of Kufa and al-Sahla Mosque are among the main historical buildings of city. Sciences such as fiqh, hadith and Arabic syntax were prosperous in this town.

Kufa played a role in the Battle of Karbala; Imam al-Husayn (a) headed toward this city following the invitation letter sent by its residents. A large portion of the army who fought with Imam al-Husayn (a) was also from Kufa. At the beginning of Abbasid rule, Imam al-Sadiq (a) traveled to this city a few times and offered lessons.

A great position has been depicted for Kufa in Shi'a hadiths. It has been considered as the center of Imam al-Mahdi's (a) government after his reappearance. The importance of Kufa is mostly related to two early centuries of Islam, because once the Imam Ali's (a) grave was made known to public and Najaf expanded, Kufa gradually lost its prominence and position while Najaf gained prominence and position instead.Read more...

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Hasan Hasanzada Amuli (b. 1929) is a philosopher, mystic, theologian, mujtahid, astronomer, and a teacher of religious and Islamic seminary disciplines. He believes that the Qur'an is the origin of true mysticism. He interprets the Islamic philosophical tradition within a unified path, subscribing to Mulla Sadra's reconciliation of the religion, the intellect and mysticism.

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  • ... On the Event of Ghadir, people congratulated Imam Ali (a) including Abu Bakr and 'Umar who repeatedly said, "Happy for you O son of Abu Talib (a)! You are my Wali (guardian) and the Wali of every believing man and woman."
  • ... Elizabeth, the mother of Prophet Yahya (a), was Mary's aunt?
  • ... the house in which Prophet Ya'qub (a) mourned the separation from his son, Yusuf (a), was also called Bayt al-Ahzan?
  • ... 'Umra bt. Nu'man b. Bashir, the wife of al-Mukhtar, who was killed by Mus'ab b. al-Zubayr, was the first woman in Islam to be beheaded?
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