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Khadija bt. Khuwaylid (a) (Arabic: خَدیجة بنت خُویلد) (d. 4 BH/619) was the first wife of Prophet Muhammad (s) and the mother of Lady Fatima (a). She married Prophet Muhammad (s) 15 years before Bi'tha (595-96 CE) and was the first woman who converted to Islam. Lady Khadija (a) had high social status with ancestral nobility and dedicated her wealth for expansion of Islam.

When Khadija (a) became familiar with honesty, trustworthiness and ethical characteristics of Muhammad (s), she entrusted him her wealth. Then after Muhammad (s) came from a commercial travel from Syria, Maysara (Khadija's (a) slave) reported the characteristics of Muhammad (s) to Khadija (a). Afterwards, she proposed marriage to Prophet Muhammad (s). Historians mentioned different ages for Khadija (a), when she married Prophet Muhammad (s), from 25 to 46. Shi'a scholars believed Khadija (a) did not marry anyone before Prophet Muhammad (s). Ibn Shahrashub quoted from al-Sayyid al-Murtada in al-Shafi and al-Shaykh al-Tusi in al-Talkhis that Khadija (a) was a virgin when she married Prophet Muhammad (s). Prophet Muhammad (s) did not choose another wife during his marital life with Khadija (a).

According to most of sources Khadija al-Kubra (a) passed away ten years after Bi'that; i.e. 4 BH/619. According to Islamic narrations, at first Prophet Muhammad (s) enshrouded her with his own cloak and then with another cloak from Paradise. Then he buried her in al-Ma'lat Cemetery, on the slopes of Mount Al-Hajun. During her life and after her demise the Prophet (s) always praised Khadija (a).Read more...

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This painting by Mahmoud Farshchian depicts holding the Qur'an on the head in the night of Qadr.

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