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The Battle of Uhud (Arabic:غزوة اُحُد) was a famous Ghazwa of Prophet Muhammad (s) against the polytheists of Mecca in 3/625. Quraysh marched out toward Medina, as they desired to avenge their losses in the Battle of Badr while Abu Sufyan was the commander of the army.

Prophet Muhammad (s) and senior members of Ansar and Muhajirun planned to fight against Quraysh within Medina and never left the city; on the other hand young Muslims and also Hamza b. 'Abd al-Muttalib, Prophet's uncle, were willing to fight outside the city. Finally Prophet Muhammad (s) decided to accept the wishes of the latter.

At first, Muslims defeated Meccans, but a part of Muslim archers having 'Abd Allah b. Jubayr as their commander on Mount 'Aynayn on the left flank of Uhud, left their assigned posts and faced a surprise attack from Meccans which led to defeat of Muslims. They faced a serious defeat with approximately 70 martyred Muslims including Hamza b. 'Abd al-Muttalib who got mutilated, even Prophet Muhammad (s) was badly injured on his face and his tooth.
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  • Jami' al-Azhar (al-Azhar University) were built in the time of Fatimids in order to teach Isma'ili teachings?
  • ...the Prophet (s) shrouded Fatima bt. Asad (a) in his dress and before her burial, he lay down in her grave to pray for her?
  • ... Muhammad Taqi al-Shirazi issued a fatwa in support of Iraqi independence in 1337/1918 to the effect that no Muslim has the right to elect a non-Muslim as ruler.
  • ... according to some reports, the Wa In Yakad Verse is useful to prevent evil eyes of envious people?
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Vigilance, worship and praying of the Shia at Eve of Mid-Sha'ban, 2017 at Jamkaran Mosque.

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