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Manahij al-yaqin fi usul al-din (book)

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Manahij al-yaqib fi usul al-din
Author al-Allama al-Hilli
Original title مَناهِجُ الیَقین فی اُصولِ الدّین
Language Arabic
Subject Theology
Published 1415/1994
Publisher Dar al-uswa

Manāhij al-yaqīn fī uṣūl al-dīn (Arabic: مناهج اليقين في اصول الدين, literally: paths of certitude on principles of the religion) is an Arabic book concerning Islamic theology and teachings written by al-Allama al-Hilli. The book accounts for the principles of Imami Shiite beliefs and their underlying rational and transmitted evidence.

The author begins the work with a discussion of types of what is known as well as general attributes of existence and nonexistence. He then discusses types of beings, such as eternal and incipient beings, types of incipient beings, and their attributes and preliminaries.

About the Author

Main article: Al-'Allama al-Hilli

Abu Mansur Jamal al-Din, Hasan b. Yusuf b. Mutahhar al-Hilli (648/1250 – 726/1326) known as al-'Allama al-Hilli was among the scholars of 8th/16th century. His works and debates led Öljeitü (later called Sultan Mohammad Khuda'banda) to accept Shi'a and spread Shi'a in Iran. Al-'Allama al-Hilli had many works in the sciences of jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, beliefs, logic, supplication, etc. He had three books in rijal which are Khulasat al-aqwal fi ma'rifat al-rijal, kashf al-maqal fi ma'rifat al-rijal and Idah al-ishtibah.

About the Book

The book is also called "Minhaj al-yaqin" and "Manhaj al-yaqin." One of the distictive features of the book is that al-Hilli concerns himself with a survey and consideration of all views propounded by theologians and philosophers of Ancient Greece, bitheists, Magi, Sabians, Jews, Christians, Mu'tazila, Ash'aris, Khawarij, Zaydis, and so on.

Contents of the Book

Manahij al-yaqin includes a short introduction concerning the definition and divisions of the science. The main body of the book contains twelve sections under "manhaj" (path), in each case the views of different sects of Muslims and a short account of their arguments, and then the right position is argued for.

The twelve paths

Exposition of the Book

An exposition was written for Manahij al-yaqin by al-Shaykh Kamal al-Din al-Ata'iqi in 787/1385. It is available in the storage of Gharawiyya Library with the author's own handwriting.

Manuscripts and Publications

Manuscripts of the book are available in libraries of Astan Quds, Faculty of Law of the University of Tehran, Muhammad al-Samawi, and Muhammad Urdubadi.

The book was published in 1415/1994 in Dar al-Uswa in Tehran.