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Content of Sura al-Asra'[1]
The Ascension of the Prophet (s) as a sign of his truthfulness
Introduction: verse: 1
The Ascension of the Prophet (s) as a sign of his truthfulness
First discourse: verses 2-39
True happiness depends on following divine teachings
Second discource: verses 40-52
Wrong beliefs of the idolaters
Third discource: verses 53-72
The principles of refuting the beliefs of the pagans
Fourth discource: verses 73-111
Conspiracies and propaganda of the polytheists against the Quran and the Prophet (s)
First issue: verses 2-8
Revelation of Torah for the guidance of the Israelites
First believe: verses 40-46
Considering the angels God's children
First principle: verses 53-55
Avoiding offensive language
First conspiracy: verses 73-75
Trying to change the Prophet’s method
Second issue: verses 9-39
Revelation of the Quran for the guidance of all people
Second believe: verses 47-48
Considering the Prophet (s) a magician
Second principle: verses 56-57
Mentioning the weakness and incapability of the Pagan's gods
Second conspiracy: verses 76-81
Trying to banish the Prophet from Mecca
Third believe: verses 49-52
Denying the resurrection
Third principle: verses 58-59
Warning them of the punishment of those who deny divine signs
Third conspiracy: verses 82-84
Denying that the Quran is a mercy for mankind
Fourth principle: verse 60
Reminding them that God is aware of us and all our thoughts and actions
Fourth conspiracy: verses 88-89
Asking the Prophet (s) complicated questions
Fifth principle: verses 66-70
Mentioning the hostility of Satan towards human beings
Fifth conspiracy: verses 90-93
Denying the inimitability of the Quran
Sixth principle: verses 71-72
Criticizing ungratefulness towards God
Sixth conspiracy: verses 94-96
Asking the Prophet (s) to perform various miracles
Seventh principle: verses 76-77
Mentioning the consequences of following evil leaders
Seventh conspiracy: verses 97-104
Denying the prophethood of the Prophet (s) because of his humanness
Eighth conspiracy: verses 105-109
Denying resurrection
Ninth conspiracy: verses 110-111
Denying resurrection
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