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Al-Dharīʿa ilā taṣānīf al-Shīʿa (Arabic: الذريعة إلی تصانيف الشيعة ) is an encyclopedia about Shi'a books in 25 volumes. It is written by Muhammad Muhsin b. 'Ali b. Muhammad Rida b. Muhsin b. 'Ali Akbar b. Baqir Tihrani known as Āqā Buzurg Tihrānī, in Arabic. It is considered as the greatest encyclopedia of Shi'a bibliography.Al-Dhari'a was organized in alphabetical order in 25 volumes, in 11239 pages; it includes 53510 written works, collections of poems and also translated books in Farsi, Arabic, Turkish and Urdu. In addition, Shi'a scholars of different areas are introduced in this encyclopedia.

Aqa Buzurg employed the early sources of Shi'a's bibliographies such as Al-Fihrist by al-Shaykh al-Tusi, Al-Fihrist by al-Najashi and Fihrist al-'ulama in compiling this encyclopedia. In addition, he employed indexes of different libraries and studied handwritten and published works. He also listened to reliable sources as part of his references.