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Shafāʿa (Arabic:الشفاعة, intercession) is a religious act, all Muslims and followers of divine religions believe in. Shafa'a means that on the Day of Judgment, friends of God such as the Prophet (s) and the imams of Shi'a, and some holy entities such as the Qur'an, with some conditions, intercede for some wrong-doers and rescue them from Hell fire or cause the promotion of some people. Among Muslims, Wahhabis believe that only God can be asked for Shafa'a and if someone asks others for Shafa'a (especially after their demise), he is a polytheist. Belief in Shafa'a has a special position among Shi'a.

The noble Prophet's (s) Shafa'a has been clearly stated in the Qur'an and Muslims have no disagreement on the principle of Shafa'a in general and disagree only on its rulings and position. According to verses of the Qur'an, Shafa'a belongs to God and others can do Shafa'a only by His permission. Read more...