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Ḥirāʾ (Arabic: حراء) is one of the famous mountains in Mecca where the Prophet (s) has received his first revelation, resulting it's another name Jabal al-Nūr (the Light Mount). The mountain houses a cave known as Hira' where the Prophet (s) used to spent great deal of time every year to engage himself in solitary worshiping before Islam, and it was there that he was honored with prophethood.

It's been narrated that Prophet Adam (a) built Ka'ba out of rocks from five mountains, one of which was the Mount Hira'. Some believe the Mount Hira' is called Fārān in Torah but it seems Fārān is a name for all mounts in Mecca not only Hira'.

It's been said that one of the miracles of the Prophet (s) was that the Mount Hira' moved and stopped under his foot on his command.

This mount was respected in Jahiliyya (days of ignorance) as well and it's been mentioned in literature of that age such as poems of 'Awf b. Ahwas and Abu Talib (the uncle of the Prophet).

The Muslims always go to visit Hira' cave and it's been said that prayers will be answered there. Also according to some faqihs (jurists) visiting the cave is considered mustahabb (recommended) during the Hajj. Read more...