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Abbasquli Khan Seminary

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The Gate of Abbasquli Khan Seminary.

ʿAbbāsquli Khān Shāmlū Seminary is a historical monument and a school of religious sciences in Mashhad, which was constructed by Abbasquli Khan Shamlu in the Safavid period. It is an active seminary in Mashhad, a city in northeast Iran. Today, this seminary is located at Nawwab-i Safawi Street at the margin of the underpass and adjacent to the Radawi Shrine.


The school was built by Abbasquli Khan Biglar Baygi in 1077/1667 at the command of Sultan Suleiman Safawi. The builder's name is mentioned in an inscription on the entrance gate of the school.

Architectural Features

The school is built with two floors, and on its four sides, there are four porticos in the style of Safavid architecture. It has over 100 chambers. The school is fully built with blocks, and is decorated with tiles and muqarnas at the entrances of porticos, chambers, and arcades. In the process of the expansion of the Shrine of Imam al-Rida and the widening of Nawwab Safawi Street, the entrance gate of the school was moved backwards without a damage to its appearance. It is now located at the southern side of the street.


The library of Abbasquli Khan School was built in 1334 by Sayyid Hasan Muhaddith. Its first books were endowed by a person called Sayyid Ali Bihishti, and more books concerning Islamic sciences were later added to it.

Present Status

Abbasquli Khan School is an architectural monument of Mashhad, supervised by the Organization of the Cultural Heritage of Khorasan. Today, the school is located adjacent to the southern side of Nawwab-i Safawi Street and counts as a center of the Seminary School of Mashhad.