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Abd al-Samad al-Hamadani

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Abd al-Samad al-Hamadanihttp://en.wikishia.net
Personal Information
Religious Affiliation Twelver Shia
Birth Before 1156/1743
Residence Karbala, Isfahan
Studied in Karbala, Isfahan
Death 1216/1802
Scholarly Information
Professors AL-Wahid al-Bihbahani and al-Sayyid 'Ali al-Tabataba'i
Students Mulla Muhammad Kuhbanani and Mulla 'Abbas Irawani
Works Bahr al-haqa'iq, Fi l-Ishq al-ilahi

ʿAbd al-Ṣamad al-Hamadānī (Arabic: عبد الصمد الهمداني) (d. 1216/1802) was an expert in mysticism, fiqh, lughat, and kalam (theology) in the 13th/19th century. Al-Wahid al-Bihbahani and al-Sayyid 'Ali al-Tabataba'i were the prominent teachers of 'Abd al-Samad. He lived in Iraq for some years in order to learn and teach fiqh. It is said that sufi orders became widespread among Shi'a faqihs (jurists), especially in Iraq, through 'Abd al-Samad's works which was finally followed by Husayn Quli Hamadani. Bahr al-ma'arif (sea of knowledge) was the most important work of 'Abd al-Samad written on Sufism and practical knowledge. 'Abd al-Samad was martyred in Wahhabis' Attack to Karbala in 1216/1802.