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Al-Hajjaj b. Yusuf al-Thaqafi

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Al-Hajjaj b. Yusuf al-Thaqafi
Agent of Bani Umayya
Teknonym Abu Muhammad
Epithet Ashtar
Religious Affiliation Sunni
Lineage Thaqif
Birth 40/660, 41/661, or 42/662 and in another narration 45/665
Place of Birth Banu Sakhr village
Places of Residence Ta'if, Egypt, Syria, Wasit
Death/Martyrdom 95/714
Known for Excessive Bloodshed
Notable roles organizer of army, Ruler of Hijaz, Ruler of Iraq,
Activities different battles, conquests in the Indian Subcontinent, his constructions

Al-Ḥajjāj b. Yūsuf al-Thaqafī (Arabic: الحجاج بن يوسف الثقفي, d. 95/714) was the ruler of Iraq and Hijaz in the Umayyad period and was hostile to Shias. He played a significant role in the establishment of the Umayyad government. His loyalty to the Umayyad dynasty and his services to protect their government made him highly respected by the Umayyads. Upon his death, 'Abd al-Malik b. Marwan recommended his son, Walid b. 'Abd al-Malik, to respect al-Hajjaj. Moreover, he named one of his sons "Hajjaj".

He is known as a ruthless, brutal person. He slaughtered his opponents so excessively that he was even reprimanded by 'Abd al-Malik b. Marwan. Historians have estimated the number of people slaughtered by al-Hajjaj to be 120,000 or even 130,000 people.

Al-Hajjaj b. Yusuf founded the city, Wasit, and died there.