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Al-Insaf fi l-nass 'ala l-A'imma al-Ithna 'Ashar (book)

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Al-Insaf fi l-nas 'ala l-A'imma al-Ithna 'Ashar
Author Al-Sayyid Hashim al-Bahrani
Original title الاِنْصاف فِی النّص عَلی الْائمّة الاثْنی عَشَر علیهم‌السلام
Language Arabic
Subject Narrations on Twelver Shi'a's Imams (a)
Genre Hadith
Published 1378 Sh./1999, Tehran
Publisher Daftar-i Nashr-i Farhang-i Islami

Al-Inṣāf fī l-naṣ ʿalā l-Aʾimma al-Ithnā ʿAshar (Arabic: الاِنْصاف فِی النّص عَلی الْائمّة الاثْنی عَشَر علیهم‌السلام) is a book in Arabic written by Al-Sayyid Hashim al-Tubili al-Bahrani, a hadith scholar. It is a collection of narrations and texts on Twelver Shi'a's Imams (a). This book includes 320 hadiths gathered from different Sunni and Shi'ite sources on Twelver Shi'a Imam (a).

The Author

Al-Sayyid Hashim al-Tubili al-Bahrani known as Allama al-Bahrani was a faqih (Jurist), hadith scholar and exegete in 11th/17th century, from Bahrain. He had religious and social authority of Bahraini people. He also inscribed the book Al-Burhan fi tafsir al-Qur'an. The author of Wasa'il al-Shi'a, Al-Hurr al-'Amili was one of Al-Bahrani's students. Al-Bahrani passed away in 1107/1696 or 1109/1698. he is buried in famous Matini cemetery in Tubili, Bahrain.

Style and Structure

Al-Bahrani only narrated hadiths from other sources and he did not add any comment on them like his other works. Al-Insaf fi al-nas 'ala al-A'imma al-Ithna 'Ashar is only a collection of hadiths with no analysis or review.

The hadiths collected in this book are organized alphabetically; the hadiths of each narrator is cited below the first alphabet of their names. Also a part is added to the book with the names of hadith narrators without alphabetical order. Then there is part in which narrations opposing Twelver Shi'a Imams (a) are stated.

In the last part of the book, Al-Bahrani responded to the raised questions and evaluations of those who disagreed with a number of hadiths are cited in the book.

Translation and Publication

Al-Insaf fi al-nas 'ala al-A'imma al-Ithna 'Ashar was translated by Al-Sayyid Hashim Rasuli al-Mahallati. It is published by the Office of Islamic Culture Publication.