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Al-Mawsu'at al-Kubra 'an Fatimat al-Zahra (book)

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Al-Mawsu'at al-Kubra 'an Fatimat al-Zahra (book)
Author Isma'il Ansari Zanjani
Original title اَلْمَوسوعَةُ الْکُبْری عَنْ فاطمَة الزّهراء
Language Arabic
Series 25 vols.
Subject Lady Fatima al-Zahra (a)
Genre Historic and Narrative
Published 1428/2007
Publisher Dalil-i Ma

Al-Mawsūʿa al-kubrā ʿan Fātima al-Zahrā (a) (Arabic: الموسوعة الکبری عن فاطمة الزهرا (ع)) is a collection of twenty five volumes of books in Arabic about Lady Fatima al-Zahra (a) written by Isma'il Ansari Zanjani. He began writing this work in 1407/1986-87 and covered all aspects of the life and personality of Lady Fatima al-Zahra (a).

The author referred to more than thirty thousand references for the compilation of this book. The writing method of the book is based on issues related to Lady Fatima al-Zahra (a) which are categorized in three general categories based on a comprehensive categorization: Lady Fatima (a) before this world, Lady Fatima (a) in this world and Lady Fatima (a) after this world.

Beginning of Writing

The author began writing the book in 1407/1986-87 at the birthday anniversary of Lady Fatima (a); and to compile it, he passed different steps such as extracting hadiths related with Lady Fatima (a), referring to different books with different topics, referring to manuscripts and prints in the libraries of Ayatollah Mar'ashi al-Najafi, Astan Quds Razavi, Baqir al-Ulum School, libraries of Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan and other cities, libraries out of Iran such as Süleymaniye Library in Istanbul, Turkey, al-Zahiriyya in Damascus and King Abdul Aziz Library in Medina. He then organized and compiled his notes.


The book has three basic parts:

  1. Lady Fatima (a) before this world,
  2. Lady Fatima (a) in this world
  3. Lady Fatima (a) after this world

List of Content

According to the author's claim, he reviewed more than thirty thousand sources in different topics; and in each topic in the book, he has first mentioned historical and hadith texts followed by complete scientific analyses. Then he has mentioned the chains of transmission for hadiths.

  • First volume: Lady Fatima (a)'s creation before this world
  • Second volume: From her birthday until her marriage
  • Third volume: Marriage (part 1)
  • Fourth volume: Marriage (part 2)
  • Fifth volume: Birthdays of her children
  • Sixth volume: Her children (part 1)
  • Seventh volume: Her children (part 2)
  • Eighth volume: Her relation with her father
  • Ninth volume: Her relation with her father and with her father's companions
  • Tenth volume: After the demise of her father until her martyrdom
  • Eleventh volume: After the demise of her father until her martyrdom
  • Twelfth volume: Fadak
  • Thirteenth volume: Usurpation of Fatima's (a) right and the sermon of Fadak
  • Fourteenth volume: After her father until her martyrdom
  • Fifteenth volume: Martyrdom (part 1)
  • Sixthteenth volume: Martyrdom (part 2)
  • Seventeenth volume: Her personal life
  • Eighteenth volume: Attributes (part 1)
  • Nineteenth volume: Attributes (part 2)
  • Twentieth volume: Her friends and enemies
  • Twenty first: Special attributes
  • Twenty second: Special attributes
  • Twenty third: Bibliography of Fatima (a)
  • Twenty fourth:Fatima al-Zahra (a) after this world
  • Twenty fifth: Indexes (verses, names of people, names of places, events and occasions)