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Alavi Foundation (New York)

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Logo of the Alavi Foundation

The Alavi Foundation is a public not-profit organization based in the United States. Its mission is declared[1] to be the promotion of charitable and philanthropic causes through educational, religious and cultural programs by making contributions to not-for-profit organizations within the United States that support interfaith harmony and promote Islamic culture and Persian language, literature and civilization.


The 650 Fifth Avenue Building, NY, which belongs to Alavi Foundation.

The Alavi Foundation was established as a non-for-profit organization under New York law in 1973, before the Islamic Revolution of Iran.[2] Since then, it has been working as a charitable organization funding the projects and organizations related to Islamic Iranian culture and Persian Language. In recent years, specially after the sequences of 9/11 in the United States, the Alavi Foundation has been going through challenges made by the US government, but it still continues functioning according to its missions.


The Alavi Foundation has been promoting projects for over 32 years by financially supporting charitable and philanthropic causes through educational, religious, and cultural programs through 9 core program areas:

  1. Grants to colleges and universities
  2. Donations to Persian schools
  3. Donations and loans to Islamic organizations
  4. Free distribution of Islamic books
  5. Donations for disaster relief funds
  6. Support for the arts
  7. Scholarly research
  8. Interfaith dialogue and religious pluralism
  9. Student loans

According to the official website of the Alavi Foundation, it has given grants to over 32 universities such as Harvard University, the University of California, McGill University, Rutgers University and the University of Pennsylvania. Over 30 Persian schools and 36 Islamic centers have received grants from the Alavi Foundation. The Foundation has been involved in humanitarian projects such as helping victims of earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and floods, in different parts of the World. [3]

The Alavi Foundation supports various Islamic organizations in U.S such as Islamic Institute of New York[4], AhlulBayt Mosque (NY), and Razi School.


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