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Battle of Qarqarat al-Kudr

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Battle of Qarqarat al-Kudr
Date Muharram, 2/623
Location Al-Kudr neighborhood
Result No war happened
Cause Retaliation for Badr's casualties by Banu Salim and Ghatafan

Battle of Qarqarat al-Kudr (Arabic: غَزْوَة قَرْقَرَة الْکُدْر) was an encounter between the Prophet Muhammad (s), on the one hand, and the two tribes of Ghatafan and Banu Salim, on the other hand, which did not lead to any fight. The battle occurred in the second/seventh century when the two tribes, Banu Salim and Ghatafan, gathered in al-Kudr district in order to prepare for an attack on Muslims. However, they fled the place when the Muslim army arrived. Muslims gained booties from this battle.

Al-Kudr Area

Al-Kudr is located in about eight "manzils" (approximately 170 km) from Medina. It is also referred to as "Qarqarat al-Kudr" and "Qararat al-Kudr". There was a water well in the area owned by the Banu Salim tribe. Since the area was the place where the tribes of Ghatafan and Banu Salim had gathered in order to fight Muslims, the battle came to be known as "Qarqarat al-Kudr".


One week after the return of the Prophet (s) and Muslims from the Battle of Badr, they heard that Banu Salim and Ghatafan tribes had camped in order to prepare for an attack on Medina.

Together with an army whose flag-holder was 'Ali (a), the Prophet (s) advanced towards the invading tribes. According to the majority of scholars, the Prophet (s) appointed Ibn Abi Maktum as his successor in Medina. However, there is another account on which Siba' b. 'Urfuta al-Ghifari was appointed as his successor. The armies of the two tribes had fled the area before the Muslim army arrived. The Prophet (s) sent a number of agents to heights to collect information about the enemy's status. They only found a number of camel herders and shepherds, including a teenage boy called "Yasar". They surrendered them and brought the camels to the Prophet (s) as booties of the war. As per the suggestion of the Companions of the Prophet (s), Yasar was given to the Prophet (s) as a slave. He emancipated Yasar after a while. After seizing the camels and sheep of the two tribes, the Prophet (s) and Muslims returned to Medina.