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Bukhārā (Persian: بخارا) is the name of a region and a city in Uzbekistan. After the spread of Islam to central Asia, Bukhara became one of the major Muslim centers and played a significant role in promoting Islam and Muslim culture such that it came to be called "the Cradle of Islam."

Prior to the time of Nasir al-Din Shah Qajar, Bukhara was a part of Iran, but during his reign it was separated from Iran and given to Russia according to the Treaty of Akhal. Notwithstanding, the people of Bukhara have preserved their Islamic and Iranian culture up until today.

The Shiites were present in Bukhara since early Islamic history. They were in contact with the Shiite religious authorities in Najaf. They hold Ashura mourning ceremonies and have their own mosques and husayniyyas.

The geographical position of Bukhara in Uzbekistan