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Dhu l-Kifl (a)

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Dhu l-Kifl
مقبره حزقیال در دزفول.jpg
The alleged tomb of Ezekiel (a) in Dezful
Name in
the Qur'an:
Dhu l-Kifl
Name in
the Bible:
Burial place: A grave in Dezful, Iran and south of Iraq attributed to him.
Name of People: Banu Israel
After: Prophet Solomon (a)
Repeat in
the Qur'an:
In Qur'an 21 and Qur'an 38

Dhu l-Kifl (Arabic: ذُو الْكِفْل) is a Qur'anic figure considered to be among the righteous and the patient. Most exegetes considered him a prophet. About his name, different names such as Ezekiel, Elisha (a) and Joshua (a) have been mentioned. Dhu al-Kifl made a vow to fast all days, keep vigil all nights, worship God and never become angry.

Name and Kunya

The name of Dhu l-Kifl is mentioned in Qur'an, 21[1] and Qur'an 38[2]. The Qur'an has introduced Dhu l-Kifl among the patient and the righteous and included in divine mercy.[3]

About the name of Dhu l-Kifl, there are many disagreements. Some considered him Ezekiel.[4] Also, there are views which considered him Elijah (a) (Elias), Joshua (a) or Elisha (a).[5] Some believe that he was "Bushr", the