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Hasan 'Ali Nukhudaki

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Hasan 'Ali Nukhudaki
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Personal Information
Full Name Hasan 'Ali Miqdadi Isfahani
Well-Known As Nukhudaki
Birth 1279/1863
Residence Isfahan • Mashhad
Studied in Isfahan, Mashhad, Najaf
Death 1361/1942
Burial Place Mashhad
Scholarly Information
Professors Jahangir Khan Qashqa'iMirza Habib Allah RashtiSayyid Muhammad Fisharaki IsfahaniSayyid Muhammad Kazim Tabataba'i Yazdi and ...
Students 'Abd al-Nabi KhurasaniDhabih Allah Amir Shahidial-Sayyid Shahab al-Din al-Mar'ashi al-NajafiGhulam Rida 'Irfanian Yazdi and ...

Ḥasan ʿAlī Nukhudakī Iṣfahānī (Persian: حسنعلی نخودکی اصفهانی) (b.1279/1863 –d. 1361/1942), was a Shi'a scholar and mystic. His father was famous for his acts of wonder and his du'as being answered by God. Hasan 'Ali, as well, practiced self-discipline, ascesis and purification of soul and in which benefitted a lot from great personalities such as Sayyid Ja'far Qazwini and Sayyid Murtada Kashmiri.

Hasan 'Ali also studied different sciences such as philosophy, fiqh, usul, tafsir and mathematics and attended classes of great scholars such as Jahangir khan Qashqa'i, Akhund Mulla Muhammad Kashi, and Sayyid Muhammad Kazim Yazdi.

Nukhudaki knew some