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Ḥaw'ab (Arabic: حَوْأَب) was a pond near Basra on the way to Mecca. The armies involved in the Battle of Jamal passed from Haw'ab. It is attributed to Haw'ab, the daughter of Kalb b. Wabara the head of the Banu Kalb tribe.

The Prophet (s) had recommended his wife, Aisha to avoid an event near Haw'ab (that is, the Battle of Jamal). He said,

"I see a day when dogs of Haw'ab bark at one of you ladies! Humayra'! [i.e. Aisha!] I hope it is not you!"

In the story of the Battle of Jamal, when the army of Aisha (Nakithun) left Basra to fight Imam 'Ali (a), she asked the names of places they crossed, until she arrived near the water of Haw'ab and dogs began to bark. When she learned that the place was Haw'ab, she decided to leave the army and return to Mecca, but 'Abd Allah b. Zubayr gathered fifty people to swear and testify that the place was not Haw'ab. Thus, she changed her mind.


  • The material for this article is mainly taken from حوأب in Farsi WikiShia.