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IMAN Cultural Center (Los Angeles)

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The IMAN Cultural Center

The IMAN Cultural Center is a Shiite-Iranian center under the supervision of Iranian-American Muslim Association of North America (IMAN) located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The IMAN Cultural Center is a non-political, non-profit, mostly Iranian center aiming to create and develop interactions within the Muslim Iranian community as well as with people from all races and religions.


In this center, children and young people are provided with introductory courses on Islamic studies, Persian language, civilization, and the tradition. Teachers of the IMAN center constantly acquaint children and the youth with the Persian language which is the language of their parent(s). The center's cultural, entertainment, social, and religious curricula introduce the children and the youth to their national, cultural, and religious identity.

The center also holds lectures and seminars concerning the history of Islam, Iranian literature, art and crafts as well as social affairs for adults.

Iran Hall

Iran Hall

Iran Hall is the place facilitated by the center for conferences, seminars, and speeches for all Muslims, and in particular, US-based Iranians.


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