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Ibrahim Son of the Prophet (s)

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Ibrahim Son of the Prophet
Ibrahim b. Muhammad.jpg
The Grave of Ibrahim b. Muhammad in al-Baqi' cemetery, Medina.
Full Name Ibrahim b. Muhammad b. 'Abd Allah
Lineage Quraysh
Well-known Relatives Prophet Muhammad (s), Mariya al-Qibtiyya
Birth Dhu l-Hijja, 8/ March-April 630
Place of Birth Medina
Place of Residence Medina
Death/Martyrdom Rabi' al-Awwal, 10/June-July, 631,
Burial Place Al-Baqi' cemetery

Ibrāhīm (Arabic: ابراهیم; b.8/630 – d. 10/631), son of the Prophet (s) and Mariya al-Qibtiyya who passed away before the age of two and on the day of his death, solar eclipse took place. To prevent people relate his death with the eclipse, the Prophet (s) said, “Solar and lunar eclipses do not happen for the death of anyone.” Ibrahim was buried in al-Baqi' cemetery beside the grave of 'Uthman b. Maz'un.

His Lineage and Birth

Ibrahim b. Muhammad b. 'Abd Allah b. 'Abd al-Muttalib was son of the Prophet (s). His mother was Mariya al-Qibtiyya who was gifted to the Prophet (s) by Muqawqis, the ruler of Egypt and Alexandria.

Ibrahim was born in Dhu l-Hijja, 8/March-April 630. The Prophet (s) told his companions, “My son has been born and I name him after my father Ibrahim (a). The Prophet (s) performed 'Aqiqa (a special sacrifice) for him and shaved his hairs and gave silver to the poor the weight of his hair.

After the birth of Ibrahim, Gabriel the Angel revealed and greeted the Prophet (s) with the title “Aba Ibrahim” [father of Ibrahim]. It is said that after the birth of Ibrahim, the Prophet (s) became happy and showed the baby to Aisha and told her, “look, how much the baby looks like me!”

Midwife and Babysitter

According to historical reports, the midwife for his birth was Salma, the maidservant of the Prophet (s). After the birth of Ibrahim, Salma informed her husband, Abu Rafi' and he went to the Prophet (s) and informed the Prophet (s) about the birth of the baby. The Prophet (s) became happy and gifted him a slave.

After the birth of Ibrahim, women of Ansar (the helpers) competed each other for milking her. The Prophet (s) trusted his son to Umm Barda, daughter of Mundhir b. Zayd.

His Death

According to a report, Ibrahim passed away on 10th or the end of Rabi' al-Awwal, 10/June-July, 631, when he was 16 months old, or according to another report, 18 months old and according to Ibn Shahr Ashub at the age of one year, 10 months and 8 days and was buried in al-Baqi' cemetery beside the grave of 'Uthman b. Maz'un (d. 2/623-4). The Prophet (s) placed a stone on his grave and poured water on the grave.

Ibn Shahr Ashub's Report

In his al-Manaqib, Ibn Shahr Ashub has reported from Ibn 'Abbas that one day, the Prophet (s) had placed his son Ibrahim and his grandson al-Husayn (a) on his lap. Then, Gabriel the angel revealed and said that, “God send you Salaam and says that I will not keep both; you sacrifice for the other.” So, the Prophet (s) chose al-Husayn (a) and after three days, Ibrahim passed away.

The Prophet's (s) Sadness

After the death of Ibrahim, the Prophet (s) became very sad and cried and answered a criticism, by saying that,

It is also reported that the Prophet (s) stood facing toward a mountain and said,

Solar Eclipse

When Ibrahim passed away, a solar eclipse took place. Some said, “Solar eclipse happened because of the death of Ibrahim.” When the Prophet (s) heard that, came out and after praising God, said, “Sun and moon are two signs of God and do not have eclipse for the death or life of anyone.”

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