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Job (a)

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Job (a)
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An alleged burial place in Hillah
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Abraham (a)
Religion: Monotheism
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Patience of the Job (a)

Job or Ayyūb (Arabic: اَیّوب) was a prophet of God, afflicted with disease and the loss of his children and wealth. He remained patient during his trial and never ceased to worship and give thanks to God.

The Quran does not mention the details of Job's trial, but the Bible and some Muslim traditions report that the people began to distance themselves from Job (a) (because of his disease. According to Islamic beliefs, on the other hand, the prophets would never be afflicted with things that repelled people.

Moreover, according to the Bible and some Muslim traditions, Job (a) failed to remain fully patient during his trial, but the Quran does not mention anything to that effect but rather praises him for his patience.

Adducing Quran 38:41, which speaks of Satan’s afflicting Job (a) with weariness and chastisement, some people have stated doubted Job's infallibility because the verse indicates that Satan was able to affect him. However, it is said in response that Satan merely affected Job's body and belongings but not his soul, and therefore it does not tarnish his infallibility.

According to the commentators, Job (a) made an oath to strike his wife a hundred lashes but later he regretted making such an oath. It was revealed to him to strike her instead one time with a bundle of one-hundred sticks and keep his oath in this way. There is disagreement among the commentators as to the reason behind Job's oath.

There is no reliable information as to the place where Job (a) was buried. However, there are several tombs in different countries attributed to him, such as a tomb near Hillah in Iraq.