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Madyan (city)

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Madyan (Arabic: مَدْیَنَ) was the living town of Madyan tribe, for guiding whom Prophet Shu'ayb (a) was chosen.

This city is considered to be a developed and green town, on the east coast of the Gulf of 'Aqaba. This city was near Tabuk region, near the city of Lot nation. Al-Shaykh al-Saduq considered Madyan a small village which had no more than forty houses.

Some researchers considered this city among the cities of Syria; and considered it possible that the present city of Mu'an in Jordan is built over it. Some others believe that Madyan was in the present Saudi Arabia.

God chose Prophet Shu'ayb (a) for Madyan nation in the city of Madyan. After escaping from Egypt, Prophet Moses (a) went to Madyan and was a shepherd for Shu'ayb's (a) sheep for several years. Residents of this city are considered to be from Arab race.

The word "Madyan" is mentioned ten times in the Qur'an, some cases of which refer to the city of Madyan.

In this city, the people of Madyan lived and the name of the city was adopted from them. There are different views about the ancestor of Madyan tribe and they are considered from the lineage of Madyan b. Abraham (a) or Prophet Isma'il (a).


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