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Mu'awiya b. Yazid

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Mu'awiya II
Third Umayyad Caliph
Personal Information
Name Mu'awiya b. Yazid
Teknonym Abu Yazid
Death 64/683
Father Yazid
Burial Place Damascus
Dynasty Umayyad
Reign about 40 days (probably until Rabi' II 25, 64/December 21, 683)
Contemporary with Imam al-Sajjad (a)
Capital Damascus
Activities Resigning from power
Predecessor Yazid
Successor Marwan b. Hakam

Muʿāwīya b. Yazīd b. Muʿāwīya (Arabic:مُعاویَة بْن یَزید بْن معاویة) (d. 64/683), also known as The Second Mu'awiya, was the third Umayyad caliph who occupied the position of the caliphate in 64/683 and resigned from power after a short time. There is a disagreement among historians with respect to why he resigned, but most of them take it to be because of his inclinations to the household of Imam 'Ali (a). When he resigned from the caliphate, Marwan b. Hakam succeeded him, and until the fall of the Umayyad dynasty, Marwan's children were in power. According to some sources, Mu'awiya b. Yazid died at the age of 18 and was buried in Damascus.

The Short Period of Caliphate

During the battle between Umayyad forces and 'Abd Allah b. al-Zubayr (who had claimed to be a caliph in Mecca), Yazid b. Mu'awiya died in Syria, and upon hearing the news, Umayyad armed forces returned from Mecca to Syr