Muhammad Sharif Mazandarani

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Muhammad Sharif Mazandarani
Personal Information
Full Name Muhammad Sharif b. Hasan Ali Amuli Mazandarani Ha'iri
Well-Known As Sharif al-'Ulama' Mazandarani
Residence Karbala
Studied in Seminary of Karbala
Death 1246/1830-1831
Burial Place Karbala, inside his own house
Scholarly Information
Professors Sayyid Muhammad Mujahid • Sahib al-Riyad • Shaykh Muhammad Hasan Yasin
Students Ibrahim Musawi Qazwinial-Shaykh Murtada al-AnsariSayyid Shafi' JapalaqiFadil Darbandi
Permission for Hadith
Transmission From
Shaykh Muhammad Hasan Yasin
Teaching in Khan seminary

Muḥammad Sharīf b. Ḥasan ʿAlī Amulī Māzandarānī Ḥaʾirī (Arabic:محمد شريف بن حسن علی الآملي المازندراني الحائري) (d. 1246/1830-1831), known as Sharīf al-ʿUlamāʾ Mazandarāni (Arabic: شريف العلماء مازندراني), was a Shi'a Faqih (jurist) of the 13th/19th century. He was a student of Sayyid Muhammad Mujahid and Sahib al-Riyad. He was a teacher to al-Shaykh Murtada al-Ansari, Sayyid Shafi' Japalaqi, Mawlla Isma'il Yazdi, and Fadil Darbandi.


Sharif al-'Ulama' was originally from Amol, Mazandaran - i.e. his father was from there - so he was called Amuli and Mazandarani. He was born in Karbala and passed most of his life there, so he was called Ha'iri.

Teachers and Works

Muhammad Sharif has narrated hadiths from Muhammad Hasan Yasin and was his student. In Karbala, first, he was a student of Sayyid Muhammad Mujahid, then he become a student of Sahib Riyad for 9 years. Afterward he travelled to Iran. In Iran he did not stay in any town more than one or two months and because he did not find anyone for cooperation he went to Mashhad to perform Ziyara of Imam al-Rida (a) and from there he returned to Karbala.

Toward the end of the life of Sahib Riyad, Talabas (Islamic seminary students) became interested in Sharif al-'Ulama's sessions. He held different classes for: beginners, non-beginners and a special group of students on holidays. Even on holidays he held his classes. During the month of Ramadan, which is usually a holiday in Hawza, he taught his student until midnight. He taught in Khan School and about one thousand students participated in his sessions.

Sharif al-'Ulama' did not author many works. His few works have not been compiled as books and mostly have not been published.

Risalat fi muqaddimat al-wajib is one of his works.


Some of his most famous students are:

  • Shaykh Murtada Ansari
  • Sayyid Ibrahim Qazwini (Sahib Dawabit)
  • Sayyid Shafi' Japilqi (Sahib Rawda)
  • Mulla Isma'il Yazdi
  • Fadil Darbandi


Mulla Muhammad Sharif passed away by the plague outbreak in 1246 in Karbala and was buried in his house. Nowadays, his grave is a well-known shrine in Karbala.