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Muntaha l-amal (book)

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Muntaha l-amal fi tawarikh al-nabi wa l-al
Author Shaykh Abbas al-Qummi
Original title مُنْتَهَى ألآمال فی تَواريخِ ألنَّبی وَ ألْآل
Language Farsi
Subject Lives of the Fourteen Infallibles (a)
Genre Historical

Muntahā l-āmāl fī tawārīkh al-nabī wa l-āl (Arabic: مُنتَهی الآمال فی تَواریخ النَّبی وَ الآل) is a Farsi book about the life of the Fourteen Infallibles (a) by Shaykh 'Abbas Qummi, the Shiite scholar of the 14th/20th century. Drawing on many great sources, the author has provided a detailed, lengthy account of the lives of the Fourteen Infallibles, that is, the Prophet (s), Lady Fatima al-Zahra (a), and the Twelve Imams (a).

Muntahā l-āmāl is structured in 14 chapters, each involving some sections dealing with personal lives, virtues, events, children and family, narrators and companions of each Infallible. Muntahā l-āmāl is a well-known book among Shiites. It has been translated into Arabic by Sayyid Hashim Milani.

The Author

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'Abbas b. Muhammad Rida b. Abu al-Qassim, a well-known contemporary Shiite clergy and scholar of hadiths, was born in Qom. H