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Sama' al-maqal fi tahqiq 'ilm al-rijal (book)

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Sama' al-maqal fi tahqiq 'ilm al-rijal
Author Abu l-Huda Kalbasi
Original title سَماءُ المَقال فی تَحقیق علم الرّجال
Language Arabic
Series 2 vols.
Subject Rijal
Published 1372/1952
Publisher Maktabat al-Burqa'i

Samāʾ al-maqāl fī taḥqīq ʿilm al-rijāl (Arabic: سَماءُ المَقال فی تَحقیق علم الرّجال) is a book concerning rijal in Arabic written by Abu l-Huda Kalbasi Isfahani (d. 1356/1937). The book is structured into four main parts regarding important issues and principles of rijal. The book is known as Abu l-Huda Kalbasi's Rijal as well.

The Author

Main article: Abu l-Huda Kalbasi

Kamal al-Din Mirza Abu l-Huda b. Abu l-Ma'ali Kalbasi (d. 1356/1937) was a Shiite scholar and jurist as well as a man of spiritual journey and mysticism in the 14th/20th century. He spent most of his life in Isfahan, but he also went to Najaf attending the lectures of scholars such as Akhund Khurasani and Sahib al-'urwa.


The book concerns rijal (biography of the transmitters of hadiths) and is organized into four main parts:

  • First part: The masters of rijal
  • Second part: Distinguishing the commonalities and criticizing the confusions
  • Third part:The terminologies of rijal
  • Fourth part: The main principles of rijal.[1]


According to the journal, Majmu'a hikmat, this book introduces readers and students of religious sciences to the science of rijal and what a mujtahid needs to know. Sama' al-maqal is a unique book in this field, containing top-notch research that is less often found in rijal.[2]

Aqa Buzug's Comment

Aqa Buzurg Tihrani introduces the book, Sama' al-maqal, in his al-Dhari'a, commenting that the book was printed in 1372/1952 in two volumes, and then another book was extracted as al-Sirat al-mustaqim fi l-tamyiz bayn al-sahih wa l-saqim.[3]


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