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Shayth (a)

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Shayth (a)
Name in
the Bible:
Place(s) of
Before: Enos (a)
After: Adam (a)
Book: Tablets from God
Well known
Adam (a) (father), Eve (mother), Habil (brother)
Enemies: Qabil

Shayth (a) (Arabic: شيث) or Seth was the second prophet after Adam (a). He was among the children of Adam (a) and Eve and the small brother of Habil [Abel] and Qabil [Cain]. His birth was a gift from God for Adam (a) after the murder of Habil; therefore, Shayth (a) was known as Hibat Allah (gift of Allah).

Shayth (a) was the vicegerent of Adam (a) and the prophet after him. He had several tablets from God. He had four children, the first one of whom was Enos (a).

According to historians, the lineage of Adam (a) continued through Shayth (a). Shayth (a) lived 912 years and his burial place is mentioned to be in Abu Qubays Mountain. In Baalbek region in the east of Lebanon, there is a town called Nabi Shayth (a), where there is a great tomb attributed to Shayth (a).


Shayth (a) was the third son of Adam (a) and the younger brother of Habil and Qabil. Based on historical reports, after the griefs and complaints of Adam (a) about Habil's murder, God gave him a son called Shayth (a) instead of Habil.[1] Thus, his epithet is "Hibat Allah" (gift of Allah). He was born when Adam (a) was 130 years old.[2] Like other children of Adam (a) and Eve, Shayth (a) was born together with his twin sister whose name was Azura.[3] However, based on some sources, he was born alone.[4]

Marriage and Children

Historical sources considered Shayth's (a) wife a houri, the marriage of the two was due to the request of Adam (a). The result of this marriage was four children, the first of whom was Enos (a), who became Shayth's (a) vicegerent.[5] Shayth (a) was 105 when Enos (a) was born.[6]

Some sources have spoken about the marriage of Shayth (a) with Iqlima (Eklima),