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Shuqūq (Arabic:الشُقُوق) is a way station between Kufa and Mecca. According to Ibn A'tham, in the event of Karbala, Imam al-Husayn (a) met al-Farazdaq and had a conversation with him in this station. However, other historical sources have reported Imam's (a) meeting with al-Farazdaq in Safah, Dhat al-'Irq, or Bustan Banu 'Amir.


Shuquq means regions. It is a place near Kufa before Waqisa and after Batan. It belongs to Banu Salama clan from Banu Asad tribe. Its distance from Batan is 21 miles.


After al-Tha'labiyya, Imam al-Husayn (a) moved towards Shuquq. According to Ibn A'tham Kufi, Imam (a) met al-Farazdaq there. Al-Farazdaq reported the situation in Kufa to Imam (a). The meeting of al-Farazdaq with Imam (a) has also been reported in either Safah, near Mecca, Dhat 'Irq or Bustan Bani 'Amir.

The Meeting of Imam al-Husayn (a) with al-Farazdaq

Al-Farazdaq, “O son of the Prophet (s)! May my father and mother be sacrificed for you! What is your hurry in exiting from Mecca before doing the rituals?” Imam al-Husayn (a), “If I do not hurry, I would be arrested. Who are you?”

Al-Farazdaq, “A man of Arab people.”

Imam (a), “What is the opinion of the people (of Iraq) about the situation?”

Al-Farazdaq, “Their hearts is with you and their swords are against you and the destiny is in the hand of God to make it however He wants.”

Imam (a), “you said the truth. The destiny is in God's hand. He has a new order every day. If the happenings are desirable, we will be grateful about the blessings of God and it is Him that helps in gratitude for Himself. And if the happenings stand between us and our desires and things do not go as desirable, still the one whose intention is right and God-wariness rules upon his heart, will not exit the right path.”

Al-Farazdaq, “Yes, your speech is right. Farewell.”


  • The material for writing this article has been mainly taken from شقوق in Farsi WikiShia.