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Sura al-Falaq

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This article is an introduction to the Sura al-Falaq; to read its text see text:Sura al-Falaq.
Sura al-Falaq
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سوره فلق.jpg
Sura Number 113
Juz' 30
Revelation Number 20
Makki/Madani Makki
Verse Count 5
Word Count 23
Letter Count 73

Sūra al-Falaq (Arabic: سورة الفلق) is the 113th sura of the Qur'an. It is a Makki sura located in juz' thirty. Sura al-Falaq is one of the Four Quls. In this sura, God orders the Prophet (s) to seek protection of God from every evil; especially, from the evil of the dark night, the evil of the witches and the evil of the envious ones.

Suras al-Falaq and al-Nas (Qur'an 114) are called al-Mu'awwidhatayn, because they are recited to seek protection. About the merits of the recitation of Sura al-Falaq, it is narrated that whoever recites the two suras of al-Nas and al-Falq (Qur'an 113 and 114) is like a person who has recited all the books of divine prophets (a). It is also narrated that the Prophet (s) considered the two suras al-Nas and al-Falaq the most beloved suras before God.


  • Naming

This sura is called "al-Falaq" which is adopted from its first verse.[1] "Al-Falaq" means "daybreak".[2]

Another name of this sura is "Mu'awwidha" which is derived from the verb "'Awadha" meaning "to seek protection".[3] That is why Sura al-Falaq and Sura al-Nas are called "al-Mu'awwidhatayn". These two suras are also called Mushaqshaqatayn, because they are recited at the times of danger.[4]