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Saʿd b. Mālik b. Sanān, (سَعد بن مالک بن سنان) (b. 10 before hijra- d. 74/ 612-693), Known as Abū Saʿīd al-Khudrī, (ابوسعید الخُدری), was one of the youngest companions of the Prophet (s). His father was a companion to the Prophet (s) and his mother, Anīsa bt. Abī Ḥāritha, was from Banu Najjar tribe.

He accompanied the Prophet (s) in various battles. In the Caliphate period of Imam 'Ali (a) he participated in the battles of Siffin and Nahrawan with Imam 'Ali (a). Historians counted him among the elites of Ansar and emphasized on his knowledge.

Shi'a scholars in Rijal honored and admired him very much. Most historian dated his demise in 74/693, but some believed that he passed away a year after the Incident of Harra in 64/683. Some sources assert that he was buried in al-Baqi', Medina.continue reading...