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Ḥadīth of Manzila (Arabic: حدیث المنزلة) is among the most famous hadiths narrated from the Prophet (s) which has been agreed upon by both Shi'a and Sunni scholars. This hadith introduces the position of Imam 'Ali (a), with regards to the Prophet (s) and his primacy over other companions. It is a frequently-narrated hadith (mutawatir) in the view of Shi'a scholars and among the proofs for Imam 'Ali's (a) right to the caliphate after the noble Prophet (s).

This hadith has been narrated from the Prophet (s) in different occasions, most important of which has been in the Battle of Tabuk. One of the most famous versions of its narration is that the noble Prophet (s) addressed Imam 'Ali (a) and said, "To me, you are like Aaron to Moses, except for there is no prophet after me."