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Tabarruk (Arabic: التَبَرُّک) is the religious practice of asking for blessing and a request for favor and grace from God and holy beings. The subject of tabarruk can be human beings such as prophets (a) and Imams (a) or things such as the Qur'an or places such as Ka'ba.According to verses of the Qur'an, tabarruk has been practiced by other prophets (a) as well; for example, Prophet Jacob (a) sought tabarruk from Joseph's (a) shirt [to cure his blindness] and people sought tabarruk from the coffin of Prophet Moses (a) which are mentioned in the Qur'an.

Admissibility and legitimacy of tabarruk is accepted by all Islamic sects and only Wahhabis who have followed Ibn Taymiyya in the last century have rejected its admissibility and have considered it an example of polytheism; therefore, they consider all those who seek tabarruk from the Prophet (s) and religious nobilities and to avoid it, they destruct graves of religious nobilities such as Sahaba; while, none of the Islamic sects have forbidden tabarruk and even some leaders of Sunni sects used to seek tabarruk from belongings of people other than the Infallible (a).