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'Abd al-Husayn al-Amini (Arabic: عبدالحسین امینی) (b. 1902-3 - d. 1970), the author of the well-known book al-Gadir, was a Shi'a jurist (faqih), traditionist, theologian, historian, codicologist and one of the great Shi'a scholars in the 20th century. Beside writing numerous important scholarly works, he also established the Amir al-Mu'minin Library in Najaf, which includes 70,000 manuscripts. His most known book al-Ghadir is a book on verifying Imam 'Ali's immediate Imamate and Caliphate after the [[Prophet (s), based on the event of Ghadir and analyzing the chains of transmition and indication of the hadith of Ghadir. Read more...

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