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Ḥajjat al-Widāʿ (Arabic: حَجَّة الوِداع) was the only hajj journey of the Prophet (s) after Hijra. After Hijra, the Prophet (s) went to Mecca for 'Umra three times; but, according to historians and hadith scholars, he (s) only once attended hajj rituals and it was few months before he (s) passed away. Since, this hajj took place in the last year of his life, the Prophet (s) made farewell to people and it became known as Hajjat al-wida' (Hajj of farewell). According to Shi'a beliefs, on return from this hajj, the Prophet (s) publicly announced the imamate and guardianship of 'Ali b. Abi Talib (a) in Ghadir Khumm, following the order of God and requested people's allegiance with Imam 'Ali (a); therefore, this hajj is very important for Shi'a.

Another name of this hajj is Hajjat al-Balagh (Arabic: حَجَّة البَلاغ), since the Verse of Tabligh was revealed to the Prophet (s) on return from that journey. Another name of that hajj of the Prophet (s) is Hajjat al-Islam, since it is the only hajj of the Prophet (s) during the rule of Islam and its rituals were practiced according to Islamic law. Read more