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Al-Wilaya Verse (Arabic: آية الولاية) is the verse 55 of Sura al-Ma'ida which has been revealed about Imam Ali (a) and has praised him. Shi'as refer to this verse as a proof for the wilayah of Imam 'Ali (a).

This verse has been revealed about Imam 'Ali (a). This view is unanimously accepted by Shiite exegetes. It is almost the same among Sunni exegetes. In his Mawaqif, Qadi Iji has stipulated that exegetes unanimously believe that this verse has been revealed about 'Ali (a). Al-Jurjani in his commentary on Mawaqif, Sa'd al-Din al-Taftazani in his Sharh-i maqasid and al-'Allama al-Hilli in commentary on Tajrid have confessed to this consensus.

Shi'as have concluded the wilaya of 'Ali (a) from the verse, and some considered the verse as the strongest reason of his Imamate. The verse begins with "Innama" (Arabic: إنّما) which, according to scholars of arab, indicates the exclusivity, so according to the verse, Allah, the Prophet (s) and Imam 'Ali (a) are exclusively considered as wali. The word "wali" (Arabic:ولي) is derived from Wilaya meaning the administrator and guardian.