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Dhu l-Hulayfa Mosque (Arabic:مسجد ذي الحليفة) is among historical mosques of Medina located in Dhu l-Hulayfa or Abar 'Ali region, 8 km south west of Masjid al-Nabi on the way to Mecca. Dhu l-Hulayfa is the Miqat [venue] of those who go for 'Umrat al-Tamattu' and al-'Umra al-Mufrada from Medina to Mecca. This place is also known with other names such as al-Shajara Mosque and al-Ihram Mosque.

The noble Prophet (s) wore Ihram for 'Umra and Hajj al-Tamattu' in this Miqat. After making a two-rak'a prayer in al-Shajara Mosque, he (s) wore Ihram and said:

لبیک،اللهم لبیک، لبیک لا شریک لک لبیک، ان الحمد و النعمة لک و الملک، لاشریک لک لبیک

["Here I am (at Your service) O my Lord, here I am; here I am, no partner is for You, here I am; surly, the praise and the blessing is Yours and the kingdom, no partner is for You, here I am"] It is reported that the first time, the Prophet (s) stopped in this place under a tree where in later years a mosque was built.

Imamiyya scholars in fiqh have mentioned the rulings related to this mosque as one of the Miqats for hajj in details

The size of this mosque is 25 square meters from south to north and east to west sides. In recent years, this mosque has been beautifully reconstructed and its size has reached to 88 thousand square meters. Read more...