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What is WikiShia?

WikiShia is a free online encyclopedia about Shi'a, one of the major denominations in Islam. This wiki contains 4,250 pages about Shi'a in 15 languages including English, Farsi, Arabic, Spanish, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Turkish, Urdu, German, Russian, Chinese, Tajik, Bengali, Indian and Swahili. WikiShia is affiliated with Ahl al-Bayt (a) World Assembly.

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جمعی از بانوان شیعه از کشورهای آفریقا در جریان فعالیت‌های مجمع جهانی اهل بیت(ع) قرار گرفتند
  • Celebrating the birth of Lady Fatimah al-Zahra' (a) at Islamic Centre of England
  • A group of Shiite women (in the photo) from African countries were informed about the activities of the Ahl al-Bayt (a) World Assembly.
  • Honoring the wife of Martyr Ayatollah Hakim in Qom and Tehran.
  • Shaykh Na'im Qasim's criticism of the double standards of America and the West
  • Ayat Allah Ramadani: Charlie Hebdo magazine's insult to the leader of the revolution is not compatible with any of the rules of freedom of expression.
  • The statement of the Ahl al-Bayt (a) Assembly of Syria condemning the insult of the offensive French publication.
  • Ayat Allah Ramadani: The Ahl al-Bayt (a) World Assembly is the connecting link between the authority and the followers of Ahl al-Bayt (a).

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