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Fadak (Arabic: فدك) is a village in Hijaz, which had lush gardens with date palm trees which was conquered by Muslims after the Battle of Khaybar. The notability of Fadak is because of the quarrel between Lady Fatima (a) and Abu Bakr over its ownership, after the demise of Prophet (s). After Abu Bakr reached caliphate he confiscated Fadak which was gifted to Lady Fatima (a) by the Prophet (s). After Lady Fatima (a) gave evidence, Abu Bakr admitted that he was wrong and wrote a handwriting that no one should encroache on it. But Umar b. al-Khattab took the handwriting and tore it. In the Fadakiyya Sermon Lady Fatima (a) complained about this incident.

During the time of the Umayyads and the Abbasids this area was in the hands of the caliphs. Yet, some of these caliphs, including 'Umar b. 'Abd al-'Aziz and al-Ma'mun, returned it to the descendants of Lady Fatima (a), but the subsequent caliphs seized them. Today, Fadak is located in a city called al-Hait. Read more...

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  • Jami' al-Azhar (al-Azhar University) were built in the time of Fatimids in order to teach Isma'ili teachings?
  • ...the Prophet (s) shrouded Fatima bt. Asad (a) in his dress and before her burial, he lay down in her grave to pray for her?
  • ... Muhammad Taqi al-Shirazi issued a fatwa in support of Iraqi independence in 1337/1918 to the effect that no Muslim has the right to elect a non-Muslim as ruler.
  • ... according to some reports, the Wa In Yakad Verse is useful to prevent evil eyes of envious people?
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Vigilance, worship and praying of the Shia at Eve of Mid-Sha'ban, 2017 at Jamkaran Mosque.

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