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Arbaʿīn of Imam al-Ḥusayn (a) is 20th day of Safar in the Lunar Hijri Calendar and the anniversary of the 40th day after the Battle of Karbala when Imam al-Husayn (a) and his companions were martyred on the Day of Ashura, (Muharram 10, 61 AH/October 10, 680). It is reported that the Captives of the Battle of Karbala came to visit Imam al-Husayn (a) in Karbala on Safar 20, 61/November 19, 680) on their return from Syria to Medina.

In a hadith from Imam al-Hasan al-'Askari (a), ziyarah of Arba'in is considered among the sings of the faithful.

This day is a national holiday in Iran. Shi'a mourn on the day of Arba'in, and mourning groups rally in the streets. In recent years, grand procession of Shi'as who try to arrive in Karbala on the day of Arba'in has become one of the most important mourning ceremonies of Shi'a around the world, and it has even turned into one of the largest religious processions on a global scale Read more...

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  • Fatima bt. Asad (a) was the second woman (the first being Khadija (a)) to become a Muslim?
  • the first marriage of a Hashemite woman with a Hashemite man was the marriage of Fatima bt. Asad (a) with Abu Talib (a)?
  • Jami' al-Azhar (al-Azhar University) were built in the time of Fatimids in order to teach Isma'ili teachings?
  • ...the Prophet (s) shrouded Fatima bt. Asad (a) in his dress and before her burial, he lay down in her grave to pray for her?
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Millions people participate in the procession of Arba'in each year. The photo is taken in 2017 at the entrance of Karbala.

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Upcoming anniversaries

Today, Monday: Safar 12, 1443/September 20, 2021

Historical anniversaries of Safar
List of historical anniversaries

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