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Saqi l-Kawthar

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Sāqī l-Kawthar (Arabic: ساقي الكوثر) is one of Imam Ali's (a) titles meaning a person who supplies water to others from the Kawthar Pond.

"Saqi al-Kawthar" is a phrasal word composed of "saqi" and "kawthar". The phrase has not been used in the Qur'an, though the word "kawthar" is used therein. The word "saqi" means a person who supplies water or wine to others. The word used to refer to someone who poured water in bowls and gave it to others. And the word "kawthar", from the Arabic root "k-th-r" (ک-ث-ر) (abundance), means abundant good.

Some exegetes of the Qur'an take the word "kawthar" in Sura al-Kawthar to refer to the Prophet's (s) pond in the Heaven with its water whiter than milk and tastier than honey. According to Shiite and Sunni hadiths, the supplier of this pond is Imam Ali (a).

There are many poems in which Imam Ali (a) is referred to as "Saqi al-Kawthar".


  • The material for writing this article is mainly taken from ساقی کوثر in Farsi WikiShia.