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The {{Editorial box}} template summarizes the current status of the article. Currently 2,715 articles include this template, but still there are articles without this template.

Priority of the article is assigned in 4 steps namely aa, a, b, c, and for articles without any priority input -, but quality has 3 steps scale from a to c. For other parameters if the task is done, insert "done". For photo and infobox there is another acceptable value that is - if the article does not need any photo or infobox. Featured article parameter takes the date when the article is featured.


Just copy and paste the below on the bottom of the article and fill the required parameters. Remove any label on top of the articles as this template handles the labels as well.

<onlyinclude>{{Editorial Box
 | priority = 
 | quality = 
 | links = 
 | photo = 
 | categories = 
 | infobox = 
 | navbox = 
 | redirects = 
 | quick review = 
 | date check = 
 | references = 
 | good article = 
 | featured article = 

quality and priority

Priority and quality of the article from a to c. Priority has an "aa" grade for essential articles and "-" for articles without priority.

photo, infobox

If the article is not suitable for having these two insert - here.


If the references are not complete input "partial" (or only "p") for this parameter.

good article

After the references are added to an article, it is listed in WikiShia:Recently Referenced Articles. Then the article is reviewed once more for assignment as a good article. If the article is suitable to be chosen as a featured article, it is assigned as a good article by entering the date in front of good article =. However, if the article is not suitable to be featured in the main page due to its low priority or its volume, "-" should be entered instead.

featured article

The date when the article is featured.

Clean up

There is 15 articles in which the editorial box is not used correctly. Please consider checking them.

List of Articles without Editorial Box


count = 50
allowcachedresults = true
notcategory = Pages with editorial box
namespace = 
ordermethod = firstedit
order = descending
nottitlematch =Text:%|%(disambiguation)|List of %|%1%|%2%|%3%|%4%|%5%|%6%|%7%|%8%|%9%|%0%