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Tatimmat al-muntaha fi waqayi' ayyam al-khulafa (book)

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Tatimmat al-muntaha fi waqayi' ayyam al-khulafa (book)
Author Shaykh 'Abbas Qummi
Original title تَتمّةُ الْمُنْتَهی فی وَقایع اَیّام الْخُلَفاء
Language Persian
Subject History
Published 2003
Publisher Dalil-i Ma Publication

Tatimmat al-muntahā fī waqāyiʿ ayyām al-khulafā’ (Arabic: تَتمّةُ الْمُنْتَهی فی وَقایع اَیّام الْخُلَفاء, The Appendix to Muntaha: On the Events During of the Days of the Caliphs) is a book in Farsi by Shaykh Abbas al-Qummi (d. 1359/1940).

This book is translated into Arabic.


Main article: Shaykh 'Abbas Qummi

'Abbas b. Muhammad Rida al-Qummi (b. 1294/1877 - d. 1359/1940), known as Shaykh 'Abbas Qummi and Muhaddith Qummi, was a Shiite scholar of the 14th/20th century. He was well-known in hadiths and history as well as preaching and orations. Shaykh 'Abbas Qummi wrote many books, the best-known of which are Mafatih al-jinan, Safinat al-bihar, and Muntaha al-amal. He died in Najaf in 1359/1940 and was buried in the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (a).


The author mentions in the introduction that when he finished the book Muntaha al-amal, he decided to add to it a short history of the descendants of Imam al-Hasan (a), but because it turned out to be lengthier than the other parts of the book, he decided to put it in a separate book.


This book is about the history of Imam al-Hasan (a) and his descendants from 11 AH/623 CE until the end of the Abbasid caliphate in 656 AH/1259 CE. It gives an account of the revolts of the Hasanids and other descendants of Abu Talib and mentions the scholars and poets among them.

Translation and Publication

The book was translated by Nadir Taqi into Arabic and published in Beirut by Dar al-Islamiyya publications.

The manuscript of the book is kept at the library of Ayatollah Mar'ashi Najafi.