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Zakariyya b. Idris

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Companion of Imam (a)
Zakariyya b. Idris
Zakariyya b. Idris - Grave.JPG
The Grave of Zakariyya b. Idris (in front of the mausoleum of his cousin, Zakariyya b. Adam,) in Shaykhan Cemetery, Qom.
Full Name Zakariyya b. Idris b. 'Abd Allah al-Ash'ari al-Qummi
Companion of Imam al-Sadiq (a), Imam al-Kazim (a) and Imam al-Rida (a)
Epithet Abu Jarir al-Qummi
Religious Affiliation Shi'a
Lineage Al-Ash'ari Family
Burial Place Shaykhan cemetery in Qom. 34°38′34″N 50°52′53″E / 34.642712°N 50.881423°E / 34.642712; 50.881423

Zakarīyyā b. Idrīs b. ʿAbd Allah al-Ashʿarī al-Qummī (زکریا بن إدریس بن عبدالله الأشعري القمي) known as Abū Jarīr al-Qummī was among Shi'a scholars of hadith in the 2nd/8th and 3rd/9th centuries and a companion of Imam al-Sadiq (a), Imam al-Kazim (a) and Imam al-Rida (a). His grave is in Shaykhan Cemetery in Qom.


Zakariyya b. Idris was from al-Ash'ari family. His father, Idris b. 'Abd Allah was among special companions of Imam al-Rida (a).

Transmitting Hadiths

In his book al-Rijal, al-Shaykh al-Tusi counted him among the companions of Imam al-Sadiq (a), Imam al-Kazim (a) and Imam al-Rida (a). Zakariyya b. Idris transmitted some hadiths from them. He also had a correspondence with Imam al-Kazim (a) about an issue in fiqh (jurisprudence).

After the martyrdom of Imam al-Kazim (a) and emergence of Waqifids, he went to Imam al-Rida (a) to ask about Imamate and become sure he was the Imam.

According to al-Najashi, he had also compiled a collection of hadiths.


The date of his demise is not known. When Imam al-Rida (a) was informed about his demise, he asked God to send blessings upon him.

His grave is in Shaykhan cemetery of Qom near the shrine of Lady Fatima al-Ma'suma (a).

Abu Jarir al-Qummi

In Shi'a references of rijal, three people have been called Abu Jarir al-Qummi:

Zakariyya b. Idris, Zakariyya b. 'Abd al-Samad and Muhammad b. 'Abd Allah among whom, Zakariyya b. Idris is more famous.

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