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Sariyya Hamza b. 'Abd al-Muttalib

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Sariyya Hamza b. 'Abd al-Muttalib
Date 2/623-24
Location 'Ays
Coordination The coast
Result Majdi b. 'Amr al-Juhani mediated between both the parties.
The army of Islam The polytheists of Mecca
Hamza b. 'Abd al-Muttalib Abu Jahl b. Hisham
30 people from Muhajirun 300 cavalries

Sarīyya Ḥamza b. ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib (Arabic: سریة حمزة بن عبدالمطّلب) was a sariyya (raid or a military expedition) under the commandership of Hamza b. 'Abd al-Muttalib, the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad (s) in 2/623-24 after the battle of Abwa'. The sariyya occurred in 'Ays on the coast.

The army of Islam in this sariyya consisted of 30 people from Muhajirun. Hamza b. 'Abd al-Muttalib advanced to the coast in 'Ays where he faced 300 cavalries of polytheists of Mecca under the commandership of Abu Jahl b. Hisham. Before the occurrence of any combats between the two parties, Majdi b. 'Amr al-Juhani who held peace treaties with both parties, mediated between them.