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Fatima bt. Asad (a) (b. 55 BH/569-70 – d. 4/626) was the mother of Imam 'Ali (a) and the wife of Abu Talib. Fatima bt. Asad was the second woman to have converted to Islam. There are narrations from the Prophet (s) about her that show the great position of Fatima bt. Asad.

Due to the successive deaths of his father, mother, and grandfather, the guardianship of the Prophet of Islam (s) was taken over by Abu Talib (his uncle) at the age of eight. Fatima bt. Asad—being Abu Talib's wife—played a crucial role in his care. Her deep affection for the Prophet (s) is evident from his reaction to her death: "Today my mother passed away", the Prophet (s) said; and then he shrouded her in his dress and lay down in her grave. When he was questioned about his impatience with the demise of Fatima bt. Asad, he answered that she would prefer him to her own children and was truly like his mother.

She was the only woman to deliver her baby inside Ka'ba. As Fatima felt the labor pains for her child 'Ali (a), she testified her faith to Allah beside the Ka'ba and prayed for an easy delivery. Suddenly, the walls of the Ka'ba split open in front of her and she entered its premises. Once she entered, the Ka'ba miraculously closed again. She stayed inside for three days and on the fourth day, the walls opened for her once again and she came out carrying her infant 'Ali (a) in her arms. Read more...

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  • Jami' al-Azhar (al-Azhar University) were built in the time of Fatimids in order to teach Isma'ili teachings?
  • ...the Prophet (s) shrouded Fatima bt. Asad (a) in his dress and before her burial, he lay down in her grave to pray for her?
  • ... Muhammad Taqi al-Shirazi issued a fatwa in support of Iraqi independence in 1337/1918 to the effect that no Muslim has the right to elect a non-Muslim as ruler.
  • ... according to some reports, the Wa In Yakad Verse is useful to prevent evil eyes of envious people?
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The tomb of Ja'far b. Abi Talib, the older brother to Imam 'Ali (a) and the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad (s). This tomb is in Jordan.

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