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Imams of Shi'a are twelve men from the progeny of the Prophet (s) who are, according to Shi'a teachings, successor of the Prophet (s) and the guardians and leaders of the society after the Prophet (s). The first Imam (a) is Imam 'Ali (a) and the other Imams (a) are his sons and grandsons and lady Fatima (s).

These Imams (a) are appointed by God and have divine knowledge, infallibility and the right of intercession [for people] and one can try to get close to God through making Tawassul to them. Imams (a) have the political leadership of the society as well as their scientific authority. Verses of the Qur'an without mentioning their names have discussed the issue of imamate; such as in verses of Uli al-Amr, Tathir, al-Wilaya, al-Ikmal, al-Tabligh and al-Sadiqin. Read more...